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Moneypenny is a musical project born in the city of Barcelona at the beginning of 2012, with the single and simple goal of making a journey through British and American music of the 60's and 70's with African American roots.

R&B, Funk, Blues and British 60's pop-rock all have a home in this band, which reinvigorates the classics with a sense of fun and disobedience, offering a unique enjoyable and rhythmic vision of well known songs and hidden gems.

Captained by the elegant and profound voice of the London born Danny Berzon (The Daleks, The Park Band …) , backed up by the guitar of Alexis Perez (the Daleks …) which moves between surf, blues and jazz, the bass groove of Marcos Luna (Nuna, Yashine and the oriental Groove, Dr. Funkestein, Jan and the Electric Poets), and the vigorous drums of Xavi Tomas (TresBcn, SoulDan) this band knows how to make the audience of every gig get on the dance floor and get down.